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QUIZ: What Kind of Cebu Street Food Are You?

Are you a tempura or a ginabot? Do you like to socialize or would you rather be left alone? If you’ve always wondered what your spirit street food (like spirit animal but edible) is, this quiz is your guide. If you have been thinking of...

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5 Most Happening Places in Cebu

If, like me, you spend your Sunday mornings nursing terrible hangovers and promising yourself never to step inside a bar again (a promise you’ll eventually break a week later), then I’m sure you’ve been to one, if not all, of the places on this list....

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The Month That Was – July 2014

July 18 – Waki Waffles Ayala Branch Opening       A new delectable hangout just opened in Ayala Center Cebu’s Active Zone. It’s name? Waki Waffles. They serve scrumptious Belgian waffles topped with anything you can possibly think of that’s equally yummy — from...